Young@Heart French Flaxseed-Feed Omega3 Eggs 心不老亞麻籽營養蛋(6pcs 隻)日本農場直送

Young@Heart French Flaxseed-Feed Omega3 Eggs 心不老亞麻籽營養蛋(6pcs 隻)日本農場直送

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Use French high quality flaxseed as nutritional feed, free-range living in natural bamboo forest, happily exposed to sunlight & air, drinking finest quality of mineral water,  thus the Omega 3 Flaxseed eggs contain 600% of Omega 3 than normal eggs or organic eggs, even higher than 100g wild Grouper and Halibut! DHA is also 5 times more than normal or organic eggs.

The n–6/n–3 ratio was reduced by 86% in eggs than normal eggs or organic eggs to 2.8: 1.

Lower ratio of omega-6/omega-3 fatty acids is more desirable in reducing the risk of many of the chronic diseases of high prevalence in Western societies which was associated with a 70% decrease in total mortality.

Each Flaxseed-Feed Omega 3 Egg is hand-picked by hand daily.

“My secrets of longevity and why I have no diabetes, no high blood pressure and no high cholesterol are simple, I think nutrition is very important, I eat 2 raw eggs daily that are high in omega-3”, 113 years old Sister Teresa Hsu said.




奧米加多於一般普通雞蛋或有機雞蛋約 6 倍, 比石斑魚及多寶魚更高

DHA 多於一般普通雞蛋或有機雞蛋約 5 倍, 比一般嬰兒配方奶粉 / 一般老人配方奶粉高


長生大揭秘  113歲全球最年長華人許哲女士分享長壽秘訣 ,沒有高血壓、心臟病及骨質疏鬆症



- No metal

- GMO free

- Pesticides Free

- No Growth Hormone

- No Antibiotics


- Good for heart health, brain health, healthy ageing & mental health

- May have beneficial effect on patients with asthma

- Highly recommended for  toddler, children, elderly  and vegetarians or people do not like eating fish / internal animal organs who are deficient Omega 3 and Vitamin B12 


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