About Us 關於我們

We are committed to treat food & diet seriously as medicine so to minimize the high risk diseases from you! According to your health status and concerns, we source and provide the best mix & match tasty meals for you to eat in your office or home.



All our staff are cancer/stroke cancer survivors or carers!

Our founder team members have been working as consultants, with world best starred chefs as well as many doctors and professors for many world leading pharmaceutical companies including Pfizer, Bayer, Lundbeck and many more.


Due to the processed hormone and pesticide added food source eating daily making more and more people diagnosed with life-threatening diseases in in Hong Kong, Food Medicine Lab was established to promote and educate HKers to eat right.  Our social community objectives are to offer our expertise to offer help and support to cancer, cardiovascular, stroked, depressed patients to recover and prevent to have stroke/cancer or other mood disorders.

We have medical health specialists to help you regularly monitor your cholesterol level and give you advise on how to increase your good cholesterol (HDL) and lower the bad one (LDL), and will refer to Western doctors / specialists and Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors to offer multiple treatment mix in parallel for the best healing results.

In order to demonstrate how to use sustainable food as medicine to sustain your health, we carefully pick the best ingredients with proven scientific healing functions and nutrition values that can let you recover sooner and reduce your risks of having cancer, and good for people concerns on diabetes, heart health while maintaining balance of mood wellness.

In case if you have any other health concerns such as how to minimise the risk of metabolic symptoms including diabetes, cancers, mood disorder such as ADHD, anxiety or depression, Alzheimer's diseases etc and how to live happily to 120 years old, we are more than happy to help you and your families. Please contact us by making a consultation booking in advance by email.

Please support us and join us, to eat well sustainable foods daily at home and 
to get rid of cancer, diabetes, fatty liver, heart diseases, depression, ADHD and dementia for your better health and a better planet for your next generation...!!!




我們的員工都是復康人仕或同路人,自身或家人也曾因在飲食上的無知而曾患上以上疾病。我們的社會企業目的, 希望: