Monthly Sustainable Food Subscription 每月訂購可持續健康愈膳服務

Monthly Sustainable Food Subscription                    每月訂購可持續健康愈膳服務

In order to further facilitate you to better control and manage your blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol, and fatty liver,  we are happy to announce that we are now launching the monthly sustainable food subscription service. Our high demand sustainable foods would first distribute and deliver to our monthly subscribers with the highest priority.

If you are interested, you can enjoy this special subscription rate and welcome offer and discount.  Please contact us by filling out the application form and email us back at Payment will be charged by  credit card, free instalment plan would be offered for 12 months OR 24 months as you selected.

Wish youyour family members and your friends would have a better health!

詢眾要求,為能令閣下及家人能夠更加有效地控制糖尿及膽固醇,血壓及脂肪肝,減低心血管疾病、腦退化、及癌症的風險, 我們正式推出每月訂購可持續健康愈膳服務,會員現可優先以優惠價選擇每月訂購三文豬丶魚丶松固醇及米,並以信用卡免息分期支付名額有限,我們將以電郵交回訂購表格的時間排序,先到先得,訂完即止。

敬祝  健康無病百二歲!