Young@Heart Sustainable Omega 3 Cobia Fillet  奧米加3海鱺魚魚柳 (1.6-1.7kg)

Young@Heart Sustainable Omega 3 Cobia Fillet  奧米加3海鱺魚魚柳 (1.6-1.7kg)

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Super rich in Omega 3 contain as high as 2500 - 3300 mg EPA & DHA per 100g which can help boosting your immune system and concentration, help recovering faster after operation or cancer treatment, having better memory and can enhance mood and may help prevent heart diseases and Alzheimer's disease. Great taste, a must-pick item by Michelin 3-starred chefs in Europe. 

Cooking Tips:

Stem: Steam for 6.5min and maintained covered with 2 more minutes, serve with onion and Young@Heart Organic Magic Seasoning for your best taste and health; or 

Pan-Fried: Apply a thin layer of cooking oil, pan fried with the skin side face down for 4-5 min, then fry the rest of the other side each for 2 min and then covered and rest for 3 min before plating, sprinkle some Young@Heart Herb Salt to enjoy; 

Cobia Tartare: Cut cut the skin, then chopped the Cobia fish to your preferable bite size, mix it with Young@Heart Magic Mix & some chopped ginger & onion, sprinkle some Young@Heart Magic seasoning before enjoy