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Eat sustainably for better health & better planet! Every dollar you spent will contribute to bring cancer and stroke survivors back to work in society

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癌患者 清茶淡飯錯 身體不夠打仗

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With the right nutrition therapeutic food treats can lower your cholesterol & glucose effectively - 香港大學張文勇教授腦神經專科及盧文偉醫生一起支持我們降膽固醇

Professor Bernard Cheung (Sun Chieh Yeh Heart Foundation Professor in Cardiovascular Therapeutics and heads the Division of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics in the Department of Medicine of the University of Hong Kong) and Dr Lawrence Lo (Neurologist in IMS) supporting us to coach and share how & why we should change our diet, monitor and control both good cholesterol and bad cholesterols in order to lower the risk factors of Cardio Vascular Diseases in an earlier stage

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"Food is Medicine"



We believe food is the most important medicine to sustain your health by minimizing the risk of having the top 3 threatening diseases around us i.e. cardiovascular diseases,  cancer and brain related diseases including Alzheimer's Disease & Dementia, ADHD, mood disorder ...etc.  Our founder, contributors, staff, partners and supporters are all suffering by those threats on ourselves or on our family members, thus, we all have experienced and felt very frustrated on how difficult to monitor and locate a right source of  clean "medicine" in treating us and our beloved family members in Hong Kong.  In fact, once you start it, you just need to keep the process going in order to maintain your life-long well beings to 100 - 120 years old. 

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